CURRENT STATUS (posted 4/1/2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CTEMPs will be limiting operations until further notice. CTEMPs staff are working remotely and available to answer questions and to process requests for instruments in the future. Shipping (and receiving) for new deployments will be limited. Instruments already deployed will continue to be supported and monitored; if your experiments are delayed, please contact CTEMPs to keep us informed of status. For instruments already deployed, contact CTEMPs and we will work with you to adjust lease rates to more accurately reflect usage. All field AirCTEMPs operations have been grounded.

CTEMPs staff are working on a variety of projects, and we welcome suggestions and ideas from the community on how CTEMPs instrumentation could be used in any aspects of the pandemic. 


Welcome to CTEMPs

CTEMPs provides field-deployable high-precision fiber optic temperature measurement systems, wireless self-organizing multi-parameter sensor stations, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). User fees are very low, and experiment design, installation, and data analysis is supported by a staff of scientists. Instruments are available now, obtained rapidly through an online request form.  All non-commercial projects for discovery and education are welcome.

CTEMPs offers a series of courses to train researchers and students on the leading edge of distributed sensing and UAS.

CTEMPs has developed a suite of policies on instrument accessibility and data sharing in concert with its Advisory Board and CUAHSI.

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