The CTEMPs MATLAB® DTS Toolbox provides simple graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to completely process DTS field data from start to finish. Users can compile raw data files collected by either Sensornet or Silixa DTS systems and calibrate the temperature data in a few simple steps. This User Guide will outline the contents of the toolbox and provide basic instruction for using the toolbox. A comprehensive sample data set with step-by-step instruction has been included.

These ‘beta’ GUIs require specific data files and formats. Files not matching expected formats may cause processing errors. This Guide contains specific details for how data may need to be formatted in the event of processing errors. Documentation for each GUI is provided in the manual.  These scripts were developed to be used with instruments leased through CTEMPs and have been tested on sample data sets collected from these instruments. Your feedback and recommendation are welcome.

This toolbox is the result of the hard work of both Mark Hausner and Scott Kobs

download the toolbox