CTEMPS offers 1-day, 2-day and week-long courses on distributed temperature sensing, wireless autonomous sensing, and unmanned aerial systems. In addition, researchers and their students are welcome to visit the University of Nevada, Reno and Oregon State University for "hands-on" training prior to instrument delivery. To inquire or arrange a campus visit, please contact Scott Tyler or John Selker.

DTS Data Processing

The CTEMPs MATLAB® DTS Toolbox provides simple graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to completely process Sensortran or Silixa DTS field data from start to finish.

DTS Instructional Videos

CTEMPs offers instructional videos to train instrument users on how to assemble field deployable fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing systems (FD-DTS).

UAS Mission Planning

CTEMPs developed a mission planning document to provide technical and administrative support for UAS projects.