Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for landscape remote sensing.

We invite exceptional candidates to apply for a UAS oriented Ph.D. position as part of a NSF Macrosystems Biology project at Oregon State University (OSU) titled "Collaborative research: Blending ecology and evolution using emerging technologies to determine species distributions with a non-native pathogen in a rapidly changing climate." The position would start in either June or September 2016. This project is a multi-university collaboration examining the interacting evolutionary and ecological responses of southwestern white pine (SWWP; Pinus strobiformis) to climate change and an invasive pathogen from local to regional scales.

The PhD position will concentrate on applying UAS for tree and landscape measurements. The project will rely primarily on multi-rotor, electrically-powered copter platforms with a variety of sensors including electro-optical, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, thermal, and LiDAR. Strong preference is given to applicants with UAS experience involving multiple sensors. Strong preference will also be given to those that have a pilot certification, or have passed the pilot certification exam (ground school), or who have the ability to do so within the initial several months of employment. This position will be housed within the Aerial Information System (AIS) Laboratory in the College of Forestry at OSU. Please see http://ais.forestry.oregonstate.edu/ for a brief listing of lab activities.

Three years of research assistantship funding (stipend + tuition and health insurance) are available for each position; additional funding may be available through fellowships or teaching assistantships. Start date is June 15, 2016 or September 15, 2016.

Interested candidates should send their application, curriculum vitae including a list of publications, a brief description of research interests, GRE scores, and two letters of recommendation to Michael Wing.

Outstanding candidates may qualify for OSU Fellowship Awards

Michael Wing
Peavy Hall 280

FERM Oregon State University Corvallis
OR 97331 541-737-4009