The Center for Transformative Environmental Monitoring Programs (CTEMPs), jointly operated by Oregon State University, Corvallis and the University of Nevada, Reno, and funded by the National Science Foundation, provides short and intermediate term project access to five field-deployable DTS systems which can be shipped directly to project sites.

CTEMPS is operating as an instrumentation node of the Hydrologic Measurement Facility of the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences, Inc. (CUAHSI). These DTS systems are available to the Earth science community and they can be configured for a wide variety of environmental measurements, data storage/data transmission protocols, and operating conditions. CTEMPs also will provide as part of the field-deployable systems, wireless autonomous meteorological stations to augment the thermal data collection, as well as advice, guidance, and logistical services to the user community. CTEMPs users will have access to instrumentation as well as technical support for experiment design, field deployment, and data interpretation.

CTEMPs, working with industry, is making extended resolution (spatial and temporal) DTS systems available to address the most demanding applications of this technology. CTEMPs has now made available to the research community a DTS with 0.25 meter spatial and 1 second temporal scale capability which is four times better spatial resolution and 10 times better temporal resolution than currently available instruments. Additionally, CTEMPs is testing a suite of other sensing systems, including fiber optic distributed strain and acoustic sensing, and a spectrum of low-cost and high precision point-sensors suitable for traditional and wireless networked sensing systems.