DTS and Accessory Systems

Currently, CTEMPs has 3 Field Deployable DTS (FD-DTS) systems that are complete, stand-alone systems capable of running on solar power or 110/220 VAC. These systems are designed for harsh environments and can be configured with a variety of data storage and upload capacities. In addition, CTEMPs maintains 3 other types of DTS systems, one designed primarily for 110VAC power accessible environments, with less harsh environmental conditions (Sensornet Halo) and two high spatial and temporal resolution instruments (Silixa XT and Ultima). The Center also has access, on an as-available basis, to several DTS systems operated by OSU and UNR. CTEMPs has also developed a power pulse contoller for heating fiber optic cables. The Center has 2 units available for lease. CTEMPs at OSU has 2 cargo trailers equipped with 1260 W of solar panels each. Please contact the Center to determine if these systems are available and fit your needs.  See Instrument Lease Rates for a complete list of available equipment and costs.

Priority will be given for standard deployment periods (6 weeks) for these instruments.

Field deployable DTS (FD-DTS) system with standard (2 m) spatial resolution

Oryx DTS with 5km range and operating software. Included is a 3G compatible cell phone data link via Verizon or AT&T network (SIM card provided) and on-board data storage. The system is enclosed in a weatherproof shelter. The standard system is shipped to operate on 110VAC. The system can be equipped at additional cost with a 240 W solar system for power in most applications (user must provide two 70 amp-hour deep discharge batteries).

Deployment includes, upon request, standard calibration bath coolers and mixing pumps.

Instrument Request page.

Laboratory high-resolution DTS system

Contact CTEMPs for application requirements for this system (Silixa XT or Ultima).

Instrument Request page.

DTS system with reduced (4 m) spatial resolution

Contact CTEMPs for deployment options and availability.

Instrument Request page.

 Power Pulse Controller

The CTEMPs Power Pulse Controller is designed to provide easily controlled pulses of electrical power. The electrical power pulses are intended for use with armored optical fiber cables. The controller is designed to operated with either 120V AC or 240V AC with a maximum amperage of 30 A. Up to four cable sections can be heated on a programmable schedule. Contact CTEMPs for application requirements for this system.

Instrument Request page.


Instrument Lease Rates

Instrument Lease Rates**


Instrument system


Field Deployable DTS system (e.g. Sensornet Oryx)*

$50/day plus shipping

Medium resolution DTS (e.g. Silixa XT)

$100/day plus shipping

High resolution DTS (Silixa Ultima)

$125/day plus shipping

240W Solar power system for Field DTS

$200/mo plus shipping

1,260 W Solar trailer

$25/day plus transportation

Additional stand-alone temperature loggers (0.2 °C, e.g. Tidbits)

$3.5/day (package of 10) plus shipping

Stand-alone high resolution temperature logger (0.002 °C, e.g. RBRsolo-T)

$3/day plus shipping

Fiber-optic cable heating system

$10/day plus shipping

Fusion splicer (for cable repair, e.g. Fujikura 18S or 19S)

$50/day plus shipping

Splice boxes (watertight, e.g. Tyco Gator Splice Box, COYOTE® LCC (Low Count Closure))

$65 each plus shipping

Cable connector (Pigtail - single ended with E2000(apc))

$50 each plus shipping

*Field deployable DTS system is in a weatherproof enclosure, and includes, upon request at no additional cost, reference baths and cellular data uplink capacity. System cost does not include solar panel option.


Fiber Optic Sensing Cables

Cable style



Standard (e.g. OFS Mini LT Flat Drop)

$0.65/m plus shipping*

$0.33/m plus two-way shipping

Armored (e.g. Kaiphone)

$2.50/m plus shipping*

$1.00/m plus two-way shipping

High Pressure (e.g. Solifos BRUsens)

$5.00/m plus shipping*

$1.25/m plus two-way shipping

Special Purpose

Please contact CTEMPs

*All cables are multi-mode and dual fiber. E2000 connectors will be added upon request at additional cost.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

All rentals are on a daily basis (8h) including a professional pilot. Extra charge applies for pilot's Per Diem rate & transportation

Instrument system


Solo/Phantom 3 with stock visible camera and pilot

$119/day plus shipping

Solo with multispectral camera and pilot

$305/day plus shipping

Light lift UAS with pilot

$526/day plus shipping

Light lift UAS with a standard visible camera and pilot

$556/day plus shipping

Medium lift UAS with pilot

$588/day plus shipping

Medium lift UAS with standard visible camera and pilot

$618/day plus shipping

Medium lift UAS with multispectral camera and pilot

$804/day plus shipping

Medium lift UAS with thermal Infrared camera and pilot

$1,020/day plus shipping

Medium lift UAS with visible, multispectral, and
thermal Infrared cameras and pilot

$1,266/day plus shipping

 ** Lease rates apply for the entire rental period starting when the equipment is shipped from CTEMPs location to recipient and until the equipment is fully returned, in original condition and with all the accessories provided.


Instrument Calendar

Manufacturers' Information

Listed below are links and PDF descriptions of various sensing systems, cables, accessories and recent developments in environmental sensing. The listing of this information does not represent endorsement or product support by CTEMPs, but rather is designed to serve as an information resource for users. CTEMPs will periodically update and add to this reference material and users are encouraged to contact CTEMPs with suggestions for postings.


   AP Sensing



  • G1-C, combined DTS and DSS using Brillouin scattering
  • G1-D, combined DTS and DSS using Brillouin scattering
  • G1-R, combined DTS and DSS using Brillouin scattering


Lios Technology


  • DTS 500 Series
  • DTS 1000 Series






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