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CTEMPs offers instructional videos to train instrument users on how to assemble field deployable fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing systems (FD-DTS). While not yet nominated for the Academy Awards, these videos will help you assemble and operate CTEMPs instruments.

We recommend that you view these videos BEFORE heading to the field and with the instruments unpacked in your laboratory to thoroughly familiarize yourself with their assembly and operation.

Note that there are two types of DTS setups: Sensornet Oryx (a) and Silixa XT (b):

Video List

Playlist Links: Oryx, XT

  • CTEMPs 1a: Oryx DTS Enclosure Assembly - This video explains how to set up the support structure for the main enclosure where the Oryx DTS is housed. Assembly instructions as a document. Reference sheet.

  • CTEMPs 1b: XT DTS Enclosure Assembly - This video shows you how to assemble the instrument stand and connect to the XT DTS Enclosure.

  • CTEMPs 2: Solar Panel Assembly - This video explains how to set up the support structure for the 80W solar panels that power the DTS. Three panels are typically used to power a system. Assembly instructions as a document. Reference sheet.

  • CTEMPs 3a: Oryx Power box and Antenna - This video explains how to add the extra parts to the back of the Oryx DTS Enclosure box: power box, 3G antenna for data transmission to the server, eKo radio antenna for weather stations, and small solar panel for a calibration bath bubbler (to mix the baths).

  • CTEMPs 3b: XT DTS Antenna Connection - This video walks you through setting up the XT DTS modem antenna and connecting power inside the DTS enclosure.

  • CTEMPs 4a: Oryx Connecting Everything Together - This video explains how to connect all of the cables once the hardware and support structures are assembled. Connections include: 3G and eKo antenna cables to lightening arresters and ports, Ground connections for antennae and Oryx DTS Enclosure, Connecting batteries in parallel, Connecting solar panels in parallel, Connecting solar panel power cable, and finally Connecting all cables: Battery to power box, Solar to power box, DTS enclosure to power box (it is important to do this last!).

  • CTEMPs 4b: XT Connecting Everything Together - This video shows you how to connect the solar panels, charge controller and solar panels for the XT field installation.

  • CTEMPs 5: Calibration Bath Set-Up - This video gives a brief introduction to the calibration bath set-up, shows the support structure for a cable coil inside a cooler, and a bubbler for keeping the bath well mixed. We also show you how to power the bubbler with a small solar panel (mounted on the back of the DTS enclosure) and battery.

  • CTEMPs 6a: Oryx Inside the DTS and Power Boxes - This video gives a tour of what's inside the Oryx DTS Enclosure and Power Management Box.

  • CTEMPs 6b: XT Inside the DTS and Powering Up Your System - This video reviews the connected power system, checking polarity and power sources, connects the external temperature sensors and powers up the XT DTS for the first time. Following this video, you should now be able to set up your XT DTS in the field.

  • CTEMPS 7: Clean your E2000 Connectors - This video describes how to clean the fiber optic connectors (E2000).

See CTEMPs YouTube Channel with additional presentations from workshops: 2020, 2021.

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